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Donut Bar

priced per person so you can have a large variety, only a minimum of 12 per type of donut!

We can arrange them on standard trays, in boxes, or display them on a tier for a more elegant look.


Cake Donuts $.95 ea.     Ring Donuts $1.25 ea.     Long Johns $1.25 ea.

Topping Options- plain, glazed, sugar, cinnamon sugar, maple glazed, orange glazed, lemon glazed, blueberry glazed, vanilla icing, chocolate icing, vanilla or chocolate with sprinkles(we can match them to your party), icing in your party/wedding theme colors, champagne icing, strawberry icing, mocha icing, maple bacon, fruity pebbles, double chocolate (chocolate icing with chocolate chips)


Filled Bismarks $1.55 ea.

custard, whipped cream, mocha cream, peanut butter cream,

cookies n' cream, chocolate cream, cherry, lemon, or raspberry.  

They can be topped with powdered sugar, sugar, or any icing


Apple Fritters $1.55 ea.

plain, cinnamon sugar, or glazed

S'mores Bar

Let your guests have fun creating their own s'mores

and toasting their own marshmallows!!

We will elegantly display warmers to toast marshmallows,

surrounded in dishes of graham crackers, marshmallows, and

various toppings if you add them!  

We will provide skewers, napkins, and all required utensils


Classic S'mores Option:  comes with plain graham cracker squares,

marshmallows, and milk or dark chocolate squares


Custom Options:  choose your graham crackers OR rice krispie squares and chocolate! 

Graham Crackers: plain, honey, cinnamon, chocolate

Rice Krispies:  these come as a thinner layer rice krispie to use just like the crackers to make a sandwich with!  A marshmallow lovers dream!

Chocolates: milk, dark, white, cookies n' cream, Mr. Goodbar, Nestles Crunch


Choose from our own menu creations (minimum of 24 per flavor):


Confetti- chocolate or plain graham cracker OR rice krispie, milk chocolate, marshmallow, colorful sprinkles or your theme colors 

Triple Chocolate- chocolate graham cracker OR rice krispie, marshmallow, dark chocolate, chocolate fudge

Nutella- chocolate graham cracker, nutella, fresh strawberry jam, marshmallow

Fluffernutter- honey graham cracker, marshmallow, peanut butter, milk chocolate

Elvis- plain graham cracker, fresh sliced banana, peanut butter, milk chocolate

Grasshopper- chocolate graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate mint bar

Salted Caramel & Bacon- regular graham cracker, marshmallow, dark chocolate, caramel sauce, and chopped bacon







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